How to fill Mumbai University KT form?

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How to fill Mumbai University KT form?

form procedure :
step1: http://muengg.mu.ac.in/examforms/engineering/formfill.php  here you will fill your KT form.
step2; Then select your type (Repeater KT)
step3: Then select your branch
step4: fill your details.

How many KT are allow in Mumbai University?

According to Mumbai University ATKT rules, engineering students are allowed a maximum of 5 end-semester and 3 internal KTs. Including end-semester and internals, you can have a maximum of 8 KTs in the first year.

You need to clear your first-year KTs by the end of 2nd year, i.e. 4th semester. Students aren’t allowed to carry any first-year KT to the third year. Even if you clear all first-year KTs by the 4th semester except 1, you have to take a drop. It is the golden KT rule. If you have ATKTs exceeding 5 then you would be required to take a drop for a year until you have cleared your previous ATKTs. 
If your ATKTs are less than 5 then proceeding to the next year would not be much of a problem. 

How can I clear my KT in Mumbai University?

You can apply for the examinations for the 3 year and appear for the same. But to clear 

The course you need  to finish your 2year arrears paper also. So have to apply for the arrears paper in second year along with 3 year papers simultaneously. you can go and give exams for the KT papers, clear them and after the years is over you can go for the third year or final year.

Who should fill Mumbai University form?

Candidates who have completed their class in 12 examinations and wish to take admission for the first year B.A , B.SC,B.COM, Engineering programs offered at different colleges related to the University of Mumbai must get  the admission form which has been made available online


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