bhai language syntax

 If you are also wnat to know about bhai language and how it works. here is all that you should konw about bhailang. 

bhai language :

bhai language is toy programming language created our two Indian developers. "bhailang" has 
syntax just like other programming language java, c, c++ etc. Bhailang, written in TypeScript, employs code from the Hindi local lingo. for example the programm start with "hi bhai" and ended with "bye bhai".

Bhai language syntax:

Entry & Exit : Program start with a hi bhai & end with bye bhai.

This will be ignored
hi bhai
  // Write code here
bye bhai
    bhai ye hai b = "two";
    bhai ye hai c = 15;
    a = a + 1;
    b = 21;
    c *= 2;
bye bhai

Variables: variables with bhai ye hai.


hi bhai

bhai ye hai a = 10;

Datatype: Null values are indicate with nalla. for boolen values Sahi and galat.
hi bhai
    bhai ye hai a = 10;
    bhai ye hai b = 10 + (15*20);
    bhai ye hai c = "two";
    bhai ye hai d = 'ok';
    bhai ye hai e = nalla;
    bhai ye hai f = sahi;
    bhai ye hai g = galat;
bye bhai
Output: output printed with bol bhai.
hi bhai
    bol bhai "Hello World";
    bhai ye hai a = 10;
       bhai ye hai b = 20;
       bol bhai a + b;
    bol bhai 5, 'ok', nalla , sahi , galat;
bye bhai

Conditionals: If the condition is false then use galat, and for else use warna bhai then block will be executed.
If the condition is true then use sahi, and for if use Agar bhai then Block will be executed.
hi bhai
    bhai ye hai a = 10;
    agar bhai (a < 20) {
      bol bhai "a is less than 20";
    } nahi to bhai ( a < 25 ) {
      bol bhai "a is less than 25";
    } warna bhai {
      bol bhai "a is greater than or equal to 25";
bye bhai
Control Statements: Continue loop with Agla dekh bhai and for break the loop bas kar bhai.
 hi bhai
    bhai ye hai a = 0;
    jab tak bhai (a < 10) {
      a += 1;
      agar bhai (a == 5) {
        bol bhai "andar se bol bhai ", a;
        agla dekh bhai;
      agar bhai (a == 6) {
        bas kar bhai;
      bol bhai a;
    bol bhai "done";
bye bhai

bhai language error?

when code fails to complies :- "Are bhai bhai bhai bhai..
when code debugging:- "bhai ye tum kya kar rahe hoo"
when code compiles successfully:- "sahi hai bhai"
If there is a runtime error:- "bhai ki izzat dubadi"

bhailang programming language download?

step1: Download visual studio code on your device.
           download link: https://code.visualstudio.com/download

step2: Then install bhai language in visual studio code. 
           ctrl+ Shift+ X for open extensions. search bhailang- intall it.
step3: Create file with named gfg.bhai in a new project.
           then we will start our bhai lang program.

 hope reading this will help you in your programs.
 Thank you!