What is so special about the Army Public School and their students?

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What is so special about the Army Public School and their students?

Army Public Schools (APS) is a system of private schools established for imparting education to the children of the Indian armed forces personnel. It is controlled by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES), which was established in 1983. The army public schools are generally managed by the army regional commands following the CBSE pattern of education.

What are the benefits of army public schools?

There is every field whether its academics, sports, arts or other extra curricular activities. There are ample opportunities for everyone. Army Public Schools conduct an entrance test before the start of every session at the school level. The purpose of this army school is to send students to Defence Services. you will find an all round development of personality in the army schools. They also provide great sports and athletics. Sports give a student a personality. Confidence and teamwork. Army Schools provide a  disciplined lifestyle. They guide you  for a career in the Armed Forces. Army Schools conduct their own entrance exam at national level.

What is the admission process for Army Public School students?

Army public school offers admission to class I to XII.

For online admission procedure:-

Step 1: https://www.apsmumbai.com/  this is the official website for admission in army public school in mumbai.

Step 2: Then click on Online admission.

Step 3: Select your class

Step 4: Then fill your details in the registration form.

Step 5: submit your documents.


What is special about Army school students?

It is well known for the quality of education it offers. These army schools encourage their students to take up extracurricular activities as well. The Army public school has given you more than just bookish knowledge. It provides education not only to the wards of army personnels but also to airforce and navy personnels and also to the civilian students. They taught you discipline matters in life because when you are in Army school, you get that strictness and disciplinary norms to follow, which you won't get in other schools.

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